• State-of-the-art printing and label factory in Ethiopia

Label printing techniques

Our high-tech machinery produces tagless heat transfer, printed and woven labels and tags for apparel and shoes.

State-of-the-art label factory

printed, woven and tagless heat transfer labels for apparel and shoes

Beconnected Industrial produces woven, printed and heat transfer labels for leading apparel companies and shoe manufacturers. We work locally, with first-hand knowledge of the African market that enables us to efficiently anticipate orders, as well as internationally, delivering labels to apparel producers all over the world. Working with us guarantees exceptional service – the reason we’re the factory of choice for many major retailers. We also keep labels in stock for selected customers, ensuring even faster delivery.

Label printing techniques

Printed labels

Flexographic printed labels

Top-of-the-range flexographic printers use flexible printing plates attached to quickly rotating cylinders that print on both sides of fabric. This is ideal for producing large-scale prints, printing several fabrics simultaneously and achieving sharp quality. Beconnected Industrial specializes in this process and have three flexographic printers.

Satin and nylon labels

Fabrics like satin and nylon can be printed at high speed with flexographic printers, making them fast to produce. Labels made from woven satin polyester are easy to attach and soft to the touch, ideal for the hip area and on children’s clothing. Nylon labels bring a classic look to vintage-style pieces.

Screen-printed labels

Evolving from a traditional printing technique which transfers ink through permeable mesh, screen-printing has been industrialized to print large volumes of fabric at high speed. One of our high-tech screen-printing machines prints in a single color, while the other can print in two colors.

Polyester and cotton labels

Polyester labels have a soft texture suited to compression garments, sportswear and infants’ clothing. Alternatively, cotton labels can achieve an organic, natural look by fraying the edges on request. Dark ink is preferable for print visibility on cotton.

Tagless heat transfer labels

Tagless labels are an increasingly popular option for fashion brands – and Beconnected Instrustrial has perfected the technique of printing labels directly onto garments using a heat transfer process. Our two heat transfer printers apply ink to transfer paper or film, which is then cut to size, ready to be applied to fabric. Heat transfer labels are a popular choice for sportswear and undergarments, and as the clothing doesn’t need to be sent to us, it reduces production time.

Woven labels

High-end fashion brands choose our woven labels for their luxurious softness and durability. Our technologically advanced machines weave the entire label, including the background, in one process. Choose from countless color options or allow our team to recommend custom combinations. Made from polyester, the labels are colorfast, washable at all temperatures, hold their shape and never fray. All our labels are certified and approved according to the OEKO-TEX® 100 Class 1 standard. We pride ourselves on achieving the highest international credentials for quality and safety.
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Cutting & folding techniques

Cutting techniques

Printed or woven labels are cut to size using three techniques.
As with all our products, our team is happy to recommend the best solution for your collection.

Ultrasonic cutting
Ultrasonic cutting uses vibrations to seal the edges of labels which prevents fraying

Cold cutting
Cold cutting uses heavy-duty blades to cut large quantities

Hot cutting
Hot cutting uses heated, compressed air-driven blades to melt the edges for quality cuts

Folding techniques

We offer a selection of folds for printed or woven labels.

Single cut (unfolded)
Unfolded, single cut (or straight fold) labels are versatile and durable. They have sealed edges and can be sewn on any side (or all four sides) without fraying.

Center fold
Labels are folded in the middle and sewn into a seam, ensuring they remain flat in the garment. They can be printed front and back.

End fold
An elegant solution without the need to attach to a seam, end fold labels are comfortable and itch-free. The width of the fold can be adjusted to your specifications.

Miter fold
Folded at both ends with angled corners, miter folds create two tabs that can be sewn into a seam. The label doubles as a loop for hanging and work best on long, rectangular logos.

Safe and reliable

All of our printing processes meet the highest regulatory standards to ensure the safety of the product, our staff and the environment.

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Delivery terms

We’re committed to delivering every order on time and pride ourselves on our efficiency. We will keep you up to date throughout the entire production process.


We’re here for you 24/7. Customer service is the most important part of what we do. Our European management team is available daily.

Our customers

We work directly with global brands and with our extensive network of local and international textile vendors

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